This Is Who You Are

You Are Loved

From This Is Who You Are. I don’t care what anyone says, how you feel about yourself, or how far you are from the popular ideal, I love you. No ifs, meaning no conditions. No buts, meaning no considerations. Just an appreciation for who you are, just a desire to show my affection, just an announcement that you have arrested my attention. In a world that says, “I love you” today then forgets what it means tomorrow, I want you to know that my love will be patient, and kind, will not boast, will not be proud, nor be rude, nor seek my own benefit, nor be easily angered, nor keep a record of wrongs. You will shine as my love illuminates the dark areas of your life. In a world that says, “I promise” then goes and breaks their honor, I want you to know that my love will not fail you. You can depend on me – but you need to wait for me, in other words trust. In a world that says, “I believe in you” then betrays you to believe in other promises, other reports, and other fears, my love will keep you safe – even from yourself. I will always give you another chance.  I will always hope for the best. I will never give up. You’re afraid because you’re from that broken world of cheap love, unkept promises, and betrayed trust. You’re afraid my love will fail you, and you don’t want to get hurt once more. You’re most afraid because you know that you are not just from that world, you were once of that world. You have loved cheap things, given your heart to attractions of no value. You have broken your promises, leaving a trail of failed expectations. You have stopped believing that true love exists for you, you have started to doubt. You are afraid that you don’t deserve my love. My love will not fail you. In my love are the privileges of the beloved. Because I love you, you are most beautiful. Because I love you, you are most special. Because I love you, you can depend on me. Because I love you, you are irreplaceable. Because I love you, I will never let you go. Because I love you, I will not force myself on you. You are free, even free to not choose me. And yet, my love will not condemn you. It is freely given and it is freely kept. You did not earn it and cannot un-earn it. It is a gift. You captivated me at your worst, so surely I will stay to enjoy the sunrise you bring. In your freedom, do not be proud. In your fear, do not run away. In your guilt, do not hide. In your pain, do not harden your heart. Instead, give me the pieces of your broken heart, let me keep it safe for you. And here, take mine, it’s yours if you’ll have it. “Why?” you ask? Because you are my beloved. This is who you are. Read Author’s Commentary