Devotions, Poetry

Who Is Like My God?

Faithful Lover… With me in the light and night With me when I’m full of fright Of things that have been Of things to come Of things too big For me Faithful Lover… With me in my joy and shame With me when I’m all to blame For wrong things done For targets missed For things I should’ve known But didn’t Who is like my God? Who hides the weak in His protection The humble, the broken, the mourning He exalts, He completes, He comforts Who is like my God? Who pours so lavishly His love The ugly, the guilty, the rejected Find beauty, freedom, and acceptance You used my broken heart That I may discover Your love You used my shame That I may witness Your glory Who does that? Who loves the unlovable so passionately? Who gives to the debtor so generously? My faithful Lover There is none like Him