We Need to be Dependable

A fellow entrepreneur shared a statistic with me that only 8% of people interviewed by BPOs in the Philippines have been hired. That’s 92% not making the standard. This is sad but I too find that this applies to my own fields and that I would not depend on a large majority of the people I know.

How can I if 630pm means 642pm? How can I if giving one’s best, no matter how far from the commitment, is good enough? How can I if people have more time to read great ideas and inspirations than build on discipline and fundamentals?

And if we simple people, will not entrust limited time, money, and energy on irresponsible people, what makes us think an excellent God with higher standards will entrust infinite treasure to the irresponsible as well?


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David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge, Managing Director of New Leaf Ventures. #DB

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