They Applaud But Do Not Hear

They applaud but do not hear They clap but do not heed They bounce from inspiration to inspiration Yet never truly plant the seed That forever stays dead Just another good idea wasted On an opinionated shallow pool Filled with those who feel better deluded “Give me this! Give me that! Why isn’t the world a better place?” they say Yet when their contributions are weighed They say, “Don’t judge me that way!” Better the dead fighter There’s more life in him Better the simple doer His future’s less dim Better the repentant prostitute Her face now turned to the light Better the unknown servant He rests well at night Greater are those who do Who do not merely opine Greater are those who try Than cowards with no spine For no one eats if no one harvests No one harvests if no one plants And all the clapping will plant no seeds There is no tilling among the rants All the praise and fame will feed no mouths Of the dying least of the least No press-release will shelter those Unaided by a networked social beast No communion cups will quench The thirst of those beyond the mission No sincerity will make up For mistaken superstition Yet patience is a virtue And one must hope I admit I lack that virtue Nevertheless, we cope