Thoughts on Value

These Infinite Other Ways

You prove me wrong over and over I’m sure I’m to go a certain way Then You open up another… Then one after another… So many paths to choose from I find myself confused with wonder Which of the infinite ways? Which is right for me? Which of these lead to Your place? Your place, Your place Where Your beauty is present Beyond time and space Which of the paths I face Of these infinite winding veins Lead to Your place? You say, “Choose.” I say, “Just give me one. I’m afraid to lose.” You repeat, “Choose. A loss greater than mistakes Is to allow your freedom to lose.” “But what if I’m wrong? You know how prone I am to pride. What if I choose the siren’s song? And miss Your place… Your City I’ve long desired Lost for the rest of my days” You are silent and still Though I feel you are there Or am I imagining my own will? The sound of the wind and rustling I listen, but they are all I hear I hear no audible leading So I choose a way Of the infiite paths I choose a road to stay Am I wrong? Am I right? I can only study and hope And live by faith not by sight I dream to find You present in Your place Until then I must content With my heart’s picture of Your face #db