The Storm Symphony

He stood defiantly on the rocks. A young boy with a paper crown on his head, humming to himself while waving a wand wildly, “Pum p-p-p-pum! P-p-p pum pum pum pum! Pum p-p-p-pum! P-p-p pum pum pum pum!”

Come in, they say,
The sky darkens,
The rain falls,
The waves crash,
The storm has come,
Come in.

Can’t you feel the pouring?
Or hear the sound of thunder?
Can’t you feel the shaking?
Are you not afraid?
Come in, boy
Come in and be safe.

The shadow will take you,
And the lightning will cut you down.
The cliffs will tear you to pieces,
And the sea will swallow you whole.
Come in, boy
Come in and be safe.

Who will fault your fearing?
Have we not run for cover?
But to face the squall is to fail,
And you will be the fool.
Come in, boy
Come in and be safe.

Nay! He says.
The band’s all here!
The orchestra’s complete!

So the sky got darker,
And the rain fell harder,
The waves crashed louder,
The storm grew stronger

The boy felt the pouring,
And he heard the thunder.
He felt the shaking,
But he did not fear.

When light came back,
And the rain stopped.
When the waves fell silent,
And the storm died down.
The boy,
He was never seen again.

Maybe the shadow took him,
Or maybe lightning did strike.
Maybe the cliffs tore him to pieces,
Or maybe the sea swallowed him whole.
And to the world,
He was a fool.

But when the days grow dark,
And the rains return,
Through the deafening waves and storms,
A child laughs,
As he takes his place,
To lead the storm symphony.

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David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge, Managing Director of New Leaf Ventures. #DB

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