Seek Today to Become Even Better

I was reading through my journals last night, and was reminded of a time when my teacher read my paper in front of the class to show how bad it was. I remember him saying that I spoke too direct with no emotion or flow. That it was full of periods and no other punctuations.

That was a long time ago and I’m a little better at writing. There is not an ounce of bitterness. The only thing that remains is the reminder to never let the criticism of others define me, never stay in my mistakes, but to step back and learn each time, and to let my problems, my challenges power my discoveries.

At the end of the day, people can say what they want, but your life’s contribution to the lives of others will speak for themselves.

And we have a choice, to remain low where people tend to push, to be proud and deny, or to pour our energies into becoming better and better.

Seek today to become even better, and tomorrow do the same.

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David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge, Managing Director of New Leaf Ventures. #DB

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