Power of Data

Been thinking a lot about statement of a colleague yesterday about the use of data:

“The data, the results, shouldn’t be used as a bullet to shoot people down but as a foundation to help others learn, grow, and respond better. If you use data, what you know about them, what your research shows in a reactionary way, do you really cause better performance? Maybe in the short term but never in the long run. Instead, use information to lift your people to a higher standard and not a red line to simply remind them they failed expectations.”

A manager looks after performance and a leader looks after people. A manager expects results a leader influences people. The best managers develop strong leadership skills and the best leaders develop great managerial skills as well.

In the Information Age we know more about other people than ever, we know more about the psychology of humans, and we know more leadership principles and techniques than ever. It’s a great time to be a leader.

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