Devotions, Poetry

On Your Mountain

You take me higher up Your mountain And carve deeper into my soul You show me wonders so beautiful You unearth the buried things in me I am more and more a stranger A pilgrim in a foreign land I do not desire what this world desires I do not praise what they praise And I am disdained for the difference Mocked for the strangeness of conviction Every failure is highlighted My steps in full spotlight Let them condemn for I have sinned Let them gnash for I have failed Let them walk away from my repugnance Let them lay their convictions I know, and I see, that my Savior comes My defender is my redeemer My lover is my avenger You protect those who call Your name You shelter those who accept Your embrace I will be patient and wait for Your deliverance I will not settle for less than You Though I walk hungry today I take pleasure in the expectation of Your feast Though I fight alone today I find joy in taking on Your standard To wait for You is beautiful to me To put all my hopes in You secures me Though I sink lower in honour in this world I find fulness of joy with You on Your mountain