On the Government Supporting Olympic Athletes

Been reading news on the first Filipino to make it to the Olympics in a winter event. Amazing story. Praying for his success.

I disagree with the people posting negative things about the government’s lack of financial support for him. In a country like ours, at our age, and in our situation (reeling from Yolanda, high poverty incidence, weak law enforcement, and high corruption among other things), spending money on the Olympics, no matter how glamorous, should not be priority. This again is indicative of our entitlement mentality, shallow understanding, and inability to think with the whole picture in mind.

Kudos to the parents who mortgaged their home for this dream. So many success stories started with similar sacrifices and risks. Many successful businesses had founders who bootstrapped with mortgaged homes. Personal sacrifices are not just not an evil thing but a necessity for success. Challenges and the unwillingness of others to support our dreams is a reality. It doesn’t make them evil. It may simply mean they are unable or have other priorities. The fruition of our dreams is in our hands – not others. They are our own after all.

I agree that the government should be allocating resources better and that our leaders have done a bad job. But that is a separate issue. Bad stewardship in handling the PDAF for example won’t be fixed by prioritizing the Olympics. Also, what about the dreams of others? Dreams to study? Dreams to get a job? Dreams to even have 3 decent meals? These are not as glamorous but valid dreams nonetheless of millions of people. Shouldn’t these dreams get a subsidiary or support as well?

It is my opinion that governments aren’t responsible for our dreams. We are. They are responsible for security, justice, and infrastructure. We should hold them accountable to these – not to the fulfillment of individual goals and dreams – no matter how high profile.

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