Thoughts on Value

On Corrupt Christians

I’ve been asked about my opinion on what should happen to corrupt people who turn to God. The only reason why I’m answering this is because people ask but, seriously, the answer should be obvious. Um… They should face the consequence of the laws they broke – just like the rest of us. Every civilized society has laws and going against those laws have consequences (at least should have consequence) that are enforced by the governing body. One of the fastest ways an authority figure loses the ability to govern is through weak and arbitrary application of rules and laws. Parents who are not consistent with the rules they enforce on their kids will not be taken seriously, same with bosses and their employees, same with any authority. If a person, even one who professes faith in Christ, is convicted then that person should suffer the consequence. He is of course free to appeal or to request pardon or use whatever legal means of defending himself, but if proven guilty must pay the consequence. Suffering the consequence of one’s mistakes does not in anyway negate the presence of God’s grace in one’s life. In fact, it could very well be God’s grace that causes us to face the consequences of our decisions so that we will turn to Him and learn to choose differently next time. Peter, Paul, and many other martyrs were jailed and punished for their beliefs. Even Joseph was thrown in jail in Egypt. If for righteous reasons followers of Christ have gone on to exercise and exhibit amazing faith in jail, what makes us think that a Christian cannot or should not go to jail for unrighteous reasons? Faith in Christ is not a “get out of jail” or “get out of consequence” card. It is an assurance that though, through our choices, find ourselves in a furnace, God is near when we call. #db