Love the One Who Makes You Beautiful

“Where do you get your ideas?” is a question I get asked a lot – both in the positive and negative. When I do something or say something that sounds smart, people say, “Wow. Where’d you get that?” and when I do something dumb (which is much more often the smart stuff), the same people say, “What’s wrong with you? Where’d you get that?”

From the same head that churns up the good stuff comes the bad stuff as well. It is my constant reminder that despite my best efforts towards enlightened living, my raw, weak, selfish self still greatly influences how I think, how I talk, and ultimately how I act.

Of course the output of our lives depends a great deal on the inputs. Just as a drop of urine in your water makes it undrinkable and a one rotten egg will destroy any batter of even the best ingredients, trying to mix in the yummy rottenness of the world with the good in our lives works against us. I use the word “yummy” because they are satisfying to an extent. They help us escape, they help us enjoy, they fill us up, they bring everything from butterflies, to thrills, to applause, to validation…

…but always always temporary.

We cannot expect to obtain the eternal when we keep filling ourselves with the temporary.
We cannot expect to be wise when we choose the unwise.
We cannot expect to succeed when we choose the steps of failure.
We cannot expect our dreams to become reality when we choose to prepare for our nightmares.
We cannot expect to live when we choose the steps to death.
An expensive suit may impress but it will not transform a corrupted soul.
A pretty face masking a rotten person will soon prove to be a poison pill.
Much laughter has failed to drown out tears.
Much will power has lost its fight against fears.

One cannot do what one is not. Just as fish cannot run and an eagle cannot swim, it is not in their nature, we cannot be who we are not.

This is why we must be transformed inside us. How are we transformed? Firstly, by knowing the One who transforms hearts and minds, God, and inviting Him. For some of us it is a first time encounter, and for others including myself, it’s a re-invitation to have His way in my life. It is asking Him to come into my heart and not keep Him in the doorway while a cause, a responsibility, or a pretty face sits inside. Of course those things will walk out the door or disappear at some point, especially when your heart is as turbulent as mine. So I simply ask Him again, “Jesus, please come in.”

I’m grateful He is not like me, and does not walk away. He waits patiently for my invitation, though He has the power to have His way. He does not find another lover. He does not turn His attention from me. He remains my steadfast partner though I deserve abandonment. My insatiable heart and mind He overwhelms without asking for anything in return but to love Him, and He is most loveable.

All of this to say:

Love the One who makes you beautiful. Anyone can call out the obvious. Anyone can say “You’re beautiful” on your beautiful days and “You’re hideous” on your ugly days. But love the One who desires to always bring out your best. Love the One whose life’s energies go to lifting you up. Love the One who gave up His position, went down to your level, and introduced you to a more beautiful way of life. Love the One who died for you, who wasted away that you might find redemption and purpose in life.

Have a great day!

My Reading This Morning:
1. Acts 27 – 28
2. Colossians 1 – 4
3. Philemon 1 
4. 5 Things That Really Smart People Do
5. The Laws of Money and Meaning
6. The Grass Isn’t Always Greener (Thank you My Doolally for sharing this link)