Devotions, Poetry

I Am Found by You

I’m learning to forgive myself I’m learning to forgive others I’m learning to be patient With myself and my brothers As neither of our journeys Can be called without stain And too many of our moments Must be recalled with a pain In the deep parts of our souls Where thorns in the flesh stab A pleasant tickle at first prick Then a deep wound and ugly scab They are painful to sleep with These multidimensional tears And my self has been bent much In bone-breaking wrong cares So I spend many night awake Many, many early mornings too Reflecting on my inner darkness Praying to be more like You But where do the broken start When the broken are also blind? Is there hope of reclamation When much has been undermined? Yet, again, against all wisdom Of logical and illogical reason I take hold of Your grand love That is constant in every season I am truly wrapped in beauty Wrapped in beautiful grace I find my lost self found When I stop to seek Your face #db