How I Planned for 2014

There are 4 more days left in 2013, and it’s a good time to reflect on the year that passed and start making decisions for 2014. I use the phrase “make decisions” because that is what planning is about – it’s thinking through your “whys”, choosing what the priorities are, what activities achieve these priorities, when these activities have to take place, how they should be executed, and even where. The whole planning exercise is a bunch of decisions, and from experience, the more committed we are to these choices, the more likely we are to achieve the goals we set.

Much of our success will boil down to our ability to see things through. In other words, much of our success boils down to commitment.

Having emphasized the importance of commitment, I’ll now get very practical with a framework I like to use for planning, particularly planning a new year. It’s not perfect, and it’s not complex at all but it’s a system that has helped me through the years learn, grow, and achieve a variety of things from my diverse interests. I’m a big believer in developing “personal systems”, ways of doing things consistently that lead to efficiency and growth in one’s own life. This system has slightly been introduced through the Giving Journal of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (which is also a subsidiary of the CBTL Holdings Group, parent company of New Leaf Ventures). Go get yourself a copy before they run out.

Here are the steps…

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