Great Leaders are Forged

When the second Covid-19-related lockdown was announced this month, I felt a very dark shadow descend upon me. It was as if most of the tiredness I had managed to avoid the past year came all at once. I also noticed a new level of fatigue in my very committed workaholic leadership team, a level their own considerable willpower was finding it hard to fight against. I think a lot of it has to do with the frustration around how our country, the Philippines, is performing (or badly performing) in this pandemic. It’s one thing to struggle with the adversity (along with everyone else), with the accusations (from people who fail to realize the reality of the current situation), and with the real sacrifices (I have written about how my leadership team severely reduced pay), but it’s a completely different thing to realize that much of your progress is greatly held back by the abilities of higher authorities, who, though in positions of power, sadly, have been unable to provide a clear and competent response to the current situation.

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