Glorifying Brushes and Hammers

Reading a lot of back and forth on the Marcos – Aquino divide and who is a better president.

If we spent more time building our own legacies of service instead of defending the legacies of the old families, families that have obviously already reaped more than the average Filipino and the people who worship them, families that will continue to reap more, whose kids will still go to better schools despite our eduction system needing improvement, who will be better fed despite our agricultural state, who will be housed despite our housing backlog, who will enjoy the luxury of influence because we’re too silly to see the question of the hour, the question we must all answer for ourselves daily, is not, and never, “Who is the better president?” but “What am I contributing?”

The kind of governance the Philippine lacks is already within ourselves to achieve: it’s responsible SELF government. Let me rephrase the question of the hour, it is not “Who is the better president?” but “Am I a better president of myself today? Are the resources, big or small, that I have used wisely and justly? Is the education system of my mind excellent? Is the department of health of my body actually healthy? Is my life’s export to other lives of value?”

I could go on.

I don’t care so much about the legacies of dead and dying men. I’m too busy caring for the living. And when I am dead, I don’t need others to care about my contributions. We are tools of God. We are His workmanship to do good works. The hammer doesn’t take the carpenter’s glory. The brush never takes credit for the artist’s masterpiece.

Why then do we spend so much time glorifying and defending past hammers and brushes?

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