Get Up You Son of a B****!

I just finished talking to  someone I know quite well. He is the head of a young family and a startup, and both have been extremely affected by Covid-19. We talked about how he had not been paid for about 4 months now, that the safety nets he had worked so hard for were almost completely gone. His situation was compounded by concerns about his wife’s health, and, as if there weren’t enough challenges, her wallet was stolen that day. I listened to his complaints about how difficult it was to manage day to day things as well as business things. In the middle of our conversation, I stopped him. “Ok. Shut up. Enough.”

Now before you react negatively to my harshness, let me reveal that the person I was having this discussion with was me.

Like many of you, I too have to wrestle with life’s challenges and I catch myself savoring the difficulties of my life and allow myself a moment’s pity. But as soon as I catch myself, I swiftly and harshly end it. Self-pity is an enemy to my success. I don’t need someone, least of all me, to validate my enemy. I need someone to attack my enemy.

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