Facing Ambiguity

One of life’s big challenges, and a recurring one at that, is dealing with ambiguity. Ambiguity is uncertainty. A large part of maturity is learning to respond to uncertainty – and not always relying on others to provide that certainty or assurance. It also means growing from the uncertainty and adding definition to our lives, when others used to define us as kids. A mature person is like an artist who takes a blank canvas or a block of stone and creates a masterpiece. A mature person takes the 24 hours of a day, the surprise open doors, the unexplainable disappointments, the unknowns, the maybes, the what ifs, the questions, the surprises, and lives them into a masterpiece. They do this by seizing each day when they’re free to stay in bed. They do this by working through what others surrender to. They do this by having convictions in a gray world. They do this by responding to the season at hand, including the spring showers and summer rains. They do this by being resilient, being humble enough learn, yet be too stubborn for defeat. They do this by being brave. How does one remain brave during uncertainty?

By faith. To see beyond the haze of the current reality and to trust the light, even if it’s just the Light in your heart.

“Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”
– 1John 4:4


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