DB | The 3 Choices

It feels like we’re back to the f*cking start of the pandemic.

As a startup leader and investor, I found myself, my teams, our projects, and our investments battered by pandemic last year. Yet despite that, through the heroic work of people inside and outside our organizations, every single business not only managed to survive, but all evolved into more stable operations poised to grow modestly in 2021. The first quarter of this year was starting out well (much like last year did), and quarter 2 was supposed to a time of stability and recovery.

Until a spike in Covid cases and a new round of lockdowns landed upon us, threatening to undo much of the progress we’ve made so far, forcing us to go back to our plan, redo our projections, and prepare for even more tough decisions.

Personally, I can feel high levels of fatigue and frustration draining my energy. I’m reminded of a Proverb that goes, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick…” 2020, and now it looks like 2021, are “hope deferred” years. And I can palpably feel the sick feeling in myself and others.

So I go back to three choices I make daily, 3 deliberate decisions to approach life a certain way, to act a certain way, and to find satisfaction a certain way, despite the pressures of this period.

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