Before We Dream Tonight

Before we dream tonight, I’d like to remind you that they can come true, and do, for those willing to persevere. Dreams need perseverance. What is perseverance? I like to think of it as incredibly hard work over time. Great achievement needs hard work, and that hard work must be sustained for how ever long it takes to succeed.

What should be done? Whatever it takes.
For how long? As long as it takes.
And who should do it? Whoever truly wants to succeed in their chosen goal.

I find that there is an incredibly wide divide between what we want to achieve and the price we’re willing to pay to achieve it.

So many people want the trappings of success, the money, the recognition, the authority, the magazine features, the fans and likes, the praises, but very few are willing to pay the cost. We think we’re succeeding when we have some of these things, only to realize down the road that we missed the things we were aiming for. How does this happen? When we mistake the trappings for the treasure.

The sad thing here is everyone pays pretty much with the same 24 hours of resources a day. So while the 24 hours of some go to producing real value that blesses many, majority of the 24 hours of people are spent without deliberation on what is wisest.

So before we dream tonight let me leave you with this, not all dreams are equal and not all dreams come true, just as while all lives are valuable not all lives will be lived valuably.

The difference is in where you pour your time, energy, and money. If you truly pour it into your dreams without waste then you need not worry. As you pay the price you will find things far greater than what you imagined.

But if you know deep in your heart that your life is full of waste, even if everyone commends you, don’t expect to ever wake up to a dream come true. Because if the dream was not worth investing everything in then that dream isn’t for you.

Or maybe it was, and you missed it.

It’s not a total loss. You’ll end up with whatever it is you decided to put your 24 hours of time, energy, and money in.

Sweet dreams!

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David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge, Managing Director of New Leaf Ventures. #DB

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