Because We Love Each Other

Your messages already waiting as I rise this morning. They tell me you love me.

I read Your sweet words to me first. They mean everything to me because I love You.

Your presence fills my heart and I feel you here beside me. You stay because You love me.

So I write of You, faithful and true, beautiful You, I write of how I love You.

You shine the morning sun on my face, I take it to mean You love what I’m writing to You. I know You like my words because You love me.

Thank You for appreciating me because I appreciate You so much, because I love You.

While others hold You to Your benefits, I only hold You to one promise, to never leave me nor forsake me, to always love me.

Who cares if all we ever have is this blessed room with the two of us together? I have everything I need and could ever want because I love You and because You love me.

About the Author

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge, Managing Director of New Leaf Ventures. #DB

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  2. Janina says:

    This is really beautiful. I wish I can have your way with words, and how they bless your readers. Thank you, Mr. Bonifacio. 🙂

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