Thoughts on Value

Be A Drop In the Ocean

Before anything else, here’s a reminder of my dad, Joey Bonifacio’s message at church this morning. If you missed it get the podcast. I need to be more disciplined with my blog. I’ve been so packed with work. A lot of exciting things going on, things I plan to share with you as they come to fruition. I’m so excited because I know that these initiatives have a great chance of impacting your life in a meaningful way. I’ll be writing more about business and how passion and excellence can be applied in profitable ways of making life beautiful. I would be so glad to see you succeed in great ways, and if my small contributions through this blog helps you, I would count it as my privilege. It is not my desire to be some superstar guy to admire. I find that admiring people we barely know is a sign of a lack of intelligence – and we’re all guilty of this. It’s easy to admire someone you don’t know and it’s easy to take for granted someone you do know. But make no mistake, that person we think is so amazing? He or she is just AS amazing or un-amazing as the people we know. The fastest way to lose admiration and enchantment over someone is to simply get to know as much of them as possible. Now loving someone we know intimately, warts and all, is a sign of the highest level of wisdom – it is a sign of love. As Victor Hugo puts it, “Love is the wisdom of God.” It always baffles me to see how much affection and admiration is given by people to so-called “stars” who do not even know their name. They scream and crowd for stars. They cry in their funerals – and yet cannot answer when asked “How have they contributed to your future? Are you a better person because of them? A better father, a better mother, a better son, daughter? Do they call your name and speak destiny to you? No. How can they? They don’t know you do they? No wonder we never feel good enough. We admire someone who not only DOES NOT admire us, who does not cheer our success. We admire someone who doesn’t even know we exist, much less make us feel like we matter. And the people that truly matter to us, and to whom we truly matter to, must share the attention and affection with strangers who truly don’t matter. Shallow living is allowing the little “thoughtlessnesses” to fill our hearts and minds. This compiles of course into thinking and mindsets, into decisions and actions. Our lives can be a bucket of thought- less-ness or thought-full-ness depending on what we allow to collect in our soul. It is my goal to, in my own humble way, encourage you to live a meaningful life. To be thoughtful, that someday you can look back with satisfaction because you embraced God’s gift of life. Moving forward with my blog, I will endeavour even more deliberately to use it as a tool to help you become your best version of you. And with all the other businesses, foundations, arts, and involvements, I hope to find ways for them to truly add value to your life. I would appreciate the feedback and your ideas. All our heads are better than one. Just as all our contributions are better than those of one. Just as all our lives can turn the tide of this ocean called life better than my little drop. In this ocean of people I realized It’s amazing to be even just a drop in the ocean When you can see the ocean in every drop #db