The Only Way to Find the Perfect Guy of Your Dreams



      It’s silly how imperfect people expect to someday find a perfect human – even more silly to think we deserve one. I think too much emphasis has been placed on attaining, including attaining a partner, and not enough on becoming – becoming an amazing person who serves, who has the abilities and the kindness to truly add value to the lives of others – not someone so preoccupied with finding self-validation and using their partners instead of loving them. People who need so much self-validation will never really love you, they’ll only use you to validate themselves, and as soon as you fail, and they feel unvalidated, guess what they’ll do? The one thing they’ve been doing all along, look for validation, but this time elsewhere. So don’t fall for a person like that, even more, don’t be that person. If we don’t like the process of painful discipline and commitment, and if we prefer to be simpleminded, the only way to find our dream perfect partner is in our dreams, that safe place where perfect people exist, and where we can imagine we actually deserve one.