You Are Special

From This Is Who You Are.

I don’t care what anyone says, or what you feel on your worst day, you are special, irreplaceable, and of great value. Your sins and the sins of others may sully you, but we have a Father who washes us as new.

Because you are special, be careful of what and whom you make special to you. What you value, you will draw close to, and what you draw close to will affect your life – for better or worse. Do not make special what the world makes special. In fact, be very wary with what crowds choose. They will choose the easiest, most comfortable, most entertaining path, and that path leads to suffering. Enjoy what they enjoy and you will suffer.

Instead, be set apart, and make God special. Draw close to Him and allow Him to affect you. Don’t desire to be special, you already are, desire instead to make special the lives of others.

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