You Are Irreplaceable

From This Is Who You Are.

I don’t care what anyone says, you are irreplaceable. You have a purpose, a part in this story that only you can fulfill. There are friends, and family, and colleagues, and causes, and achievements, and responsibilities waiting for you. There are needs, and wants, and wounds, and hurts, and sicknesses calling your name.

You might say, “I’ve been replaced all my life. My father replaced me with work. My mother replaced me with chores and socials. My siblings replaced me with friends. My friends replaced me with cooler friends. My boyfriend replaced me with a prettier woman. My husband replaced me with a another woman. My own dreams have been replaced by fear and survival. I know not myself anymore.”

But let me set your thinking straight: You were not replaced. You were refined.

You are like a golden wedding ring that needs to be purified before it is shaped and its diamonds set, being prepared for a life of commitment to Him and the purpose He has for you.

Because you are irreplaceable, recognize what is truly irreplaceable – and don’t replace it. Don’t replace God with your needs and desires. Don’t replace love with your fears. Don’t replace your purpose, with your comfort.

There are many beautiful girls, maybe even some who look like you. Maybe they have your hair, your face, and you may think you’re like everyone else. Maybe they can do the things you do, maybe even better. Maybe they are thinner, fitter, more active, and more of everything you wish you were.

But they wouldn’t be you.

So stop comparing yourself to others. Stop trying to be like the idols of our culture. Don’t you see how easily replaced they are? One day famous, the next day forgotten, one day praised, and the next day unknown. They will sell their souls to stay, to avoid being replaced. If you make them your standard, you will sell yourself too, and join their roller coaster of never knowing whether you are truly loved.

You are not “a” rose. You are “the” rose because are my rose. You are unlike any girl in the world. How can one replace your life that has touched so many? How can one replace the purpose you are to fulfill? How can one replace you, when your role is only yours to play? No one will sing the melody in your heart. No one will say the encouraging your words you are supposed to say. No one will love the people you’re supposed to love in the way only you can love.

They can’t. They’re not you. You are irreplaceable.

This is who you are.

David Bonifacio

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge. #DB

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