You Are Free

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I don’t care what anyone says, or what chains you feel are holding you down, you are free.

But before you make a very common mistake, and don’t ever mistake that you are common, let me define what being “Free” means.

The origins of the word “free” come from a word that means “loved”. In the olden days, when the privileged had slaves, those who were part of the family, were considered “not in bondage” or “pri” which meant “beloved”.

To be free in those days meant that you were loved, and because you were loved, you could enjoy the privileges of a loved one. Unlike the slaves who were bound to their limitations, you were unhindered.

You see, the idea of being “free” was never about just being able to do what one wanted, where one wanted, when one wanted, how one wanted. It was about enjoying the privileges of being the beloved.

Because God loves us so much, and because His love is perfect, He has given us the privilege to enjoy life, meaning, we are free to choose to enjoy everything He has created. We are also free to choose whose love we want to enjoy.

What and whom you love, as well as what and whom you allow to love you, will dictate your life’s privileges and the freedom you will enjoy.

Love a rich man and you’ll be free to afford fine material things. Love a strong man and you’ll be free to enjoy his strength. Love an artist and you’ll be free to inspire art, and stories, and paintings. Love a wise man and you’ll be free to enjoy his knowledge and insight. Love a famous man and you’ll be free to enjoy the perks of fame. Love an adventurer and you’ll be free to explore together.

Yet, if you love a selfish man, your privilege is limited to his selfishness. If you love a proud man, your privilege is limited to his pending fall. If you love a crooked man, your privilege is limited to his punishment. If you love a cheater, your privileges will be limited to the lack of trust.

If you love yourself, your privileges are limited to what you can provide for yourself – which, when we are very honest with ourselves, isn’t much – so you’ll always feel like you’re missing something.

Who you love will dictate the freedom you enjoy.

Do not be like the people of the world, who bondage themselves by loving the wrong things. Do not love what is empty. Do not love what is fleeting. Money, fame, appearances, recognition, achievement, clothes, cars, houses, these are all fleeting, and empty without real relationships to enjoy them with. Do not love them and be caged by them.

We are ruled by that which we love.

Instead, remember that you are His beloved, and because you are loved perfectly by Him, His unlimited favor, His unlimited resources, His unlimited grace, and His unlimited presence is yours to to enjoy. You are truly free because you are loved by the One whose privileges are unlimited.

I want you to understand that and not envy the people who seem to be able to do whatever they choose. I want you to understand that as you seek to love God, your life will open up in unlimited ways. It may not be the freedom you thought you understood, it will be a greater freedom. As you submit yourself to Him, you are more and more made aware of the glorious portion that He has set aside for you, His beloved. Love goodness and reap the privileges of goodness. Love true beauty, and watch yourself get more and more beautiful. Love faith and see your life transform. Love God and get all the above and more.

I know you love God. I know this is true. This is why you are free. You are free to enjoy His privileges because you are His beloved.

This is who you are.

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  1. Thank you! I love this blog, especially on how you explained the “free” and the “slave”… I learned something new. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Gave me a better understanding of being “free.” “His beloved” will now have a deeper meaning every time I read the Bible.

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