Work, to me, are the different activities that create and capture value for others and myself.

I’ve organized my “work” into three categories:

  • Corporate – This includes the companies I manage, I’ve invested in, and/or provide consulting / advisory services.
  • Community – This includes my voluntary involvements and roles held in non-profit organizations.
  • Creative – This includes my writing, such as the posts on my blog and my poetry, as well as my painting and drawing.

Below is a list of involvements:


  • Bridge, Founder + CEO | Bridge is a social impact venture builder focused on building scalable and sustainable solutions for Filipino workers.
  • Bridge PayDay, Executive Chairman | PayDay is a leading payroll services firm, providing accurate, secure, on-time payroll, as well as financial services for managing compensation and extending purchasing power.
  • Bridge Access, Executive Chairman | Access is an alternative financial channel for providing secure financial services to Filipino workers
  • Archangel Holdings, Co-Managing Director | Archangel is a private investment company focused on emergent opportunities in liquidity, livelihood, and learning
  • TNB Aura, Venture Partner | TNB Aura is a leading Venture Capital firm investing into the next wave of tech-enabled companies disrupting Southeast Asia.
  • Leadership Consulting & Advisory (Email: for more information)