Why Do We Turn Sporting Events into Morality Plays?

Keep seeing comments and posts about how the NBA Finals is about Lebron’s pride and Curry’s humility, and that God will let Golden State win because He humbles the proud.

Um… Could it be that the Cavs are losing because Kevin Love and Irving are injured? Could it be that there are some proud people in the Golden State organization that need humbling too? Could it be there are people in the Cavs organization that are Christian and praying to win as well? If sporting events dictate the reality or goodness of God, then what happened to Pacquiao means God isn’t really real or good?

I really don’t understand why we like to make sporting events morality plays, why we think it’s right to make the loss of a man or a team a reason to put them down as a model for failures of faith. Is God pleased when we lift up one man and pull down the other (by highlighting his failure) when He loves them both?
And if it’s about Christian versus non-Christian, why didn’t Mark Jackson (former coach of Golden State), who is a minister, not win?

There’s a big difference between celebrating someone’s faith and pulling down someone else for not having the same faith in God. Celebrate men of faith. But don’t tear down others who don’t share the same faith. I think God would be more pleased if we prayed for those we disagree with than publicly shaming them. Would we like it if someone took our public failure and used it to push us down more? No. Why do it to someone else?

I’ve found this to be true: how we treat the success and failures of other people has a little to say about them but much to say about our own condition. To make sporting events morality plays doesn’t accurately portray the good versus evil battle we like to make it, but a shallow understanding that fails to understand that more than proving Himself in sports, God is interested in bringing all people to Him.

Many times it shows that our faith is not wisdom but a rationalization of how external events are validation of our faith. The true morality play is inside us. Do we, not them, respond in love when our team losses or wins?


David Bonifacio

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge. #DB

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