Whatever Your Condition, Seek God

This is a very sweet and brave blog by Abby Asitio. (Please click on her name to read the whole blog.) It’s an example of how God can use us, including what many might consider to be a lack, or a weakness, or a sickness, to encourage others. There are many good bits to highlight on the blog, but I want to draw your attention to this part:

“All these questions led me to seek God and pray for wisdom and direction as regards to my condition.

In that one line is the secret to winning over the difficulties of life: whatever your condition, seek God. Pray for wisdom and direction. Our conditions are not merely consequences of our actions and the actions of others, even though we may have had a role in bringing them about. If you see our life’s circumstances this way you’ll either become proud (because you caused it) or indebted (because someone else caused it) when times are good, or, condemned (because you caused it) or bitter (because someone else caused it) when times are bad.

This is shallow thinking. What is, is. What has happened, has happened. While there will be effects on us, events do not have to define us. With faith in God, we can watch Him turn our weakness into a strength. The difference between those who rise above circumstance, and those who sink in it, is the response. Abby responds admirably by not allowing fear and bitterness to rule in her heart, and at the same time, using her condition to glorify God.

Our conditions, our circumstances, they can be weapons against ourselves, causing us to be prideful or condemned. Or they can be weapons of faith, to fight-off attacks against us and defend others who may not have the strength.

For Abby, her condition is Alopecia, and others may have physical conditions as well. For some of us it is a financial condition. For some of us it is a relational condition. For some it is psychological, or emotional, or some other type of condition. No matter what the condition, whatever we’re facing, let’s seek God. Let’s not automatically proclaim “the condition” as the winner through grumbling and complaining, which are forms of accusation. Instead, proclaim that God is God no matter what, and that His love endures forever. Let us allow our conditions to make us seek Him.

David Bonifacio

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge. #DB

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