This Is Who You Are

Trading Away… 
It’s easy to spot a prostitute. This is someone who sells herself for money. I remember reading an article about a prostitute who said something like, “I’m not so bad when you think about how most people give themselves for less. At least I have a business.” It was a defiant, disturbing, yet thought provoking perspective that there are people, both men and women, who view women so lowly.

The sad thing is many are falling for this view, and are trading their futures, their families, their talents, their gifts, their fulfillment, and their beauty for empty things, empty relationships, empty validations, empty recognition, and empty promises.

I guess, in my own youthful chauvinism, I have contributed to this, but this is my own small way of repairing that.

A Deception…
We’ve bought into a lie. By we, I mean both men and women. We’ve bought into new definitions for timeless virtues. Beauty has been replaced by sexy and hot. Dignity and grace has been replaced by naughty and wild. Things and moments have replaced principles and purpose.

Our values are wrong. We have put emphasis on the wrong things and made the wrong things important.

Look at our stars? Both Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton came to prominence through their infamous sex videos. What makes them worth our time and attention? Nothing. Lady Gaga is huge, but mostly because she’s audacious and shocking. Look at our crushes? There’s a man crush, a girl crush, a celebrity crush, a school crush, a church crush, a yoga crush, a musical crush, a sports crush…

There’s a crush for everything. Our own identities, our own purpose and our own responsibilities have been crushed by idols with a cuter title.

I wrote about the Celebrity Crisis in one of my posts, how we put humans on pedestals. I added: “We’re pressured to become an air-brushed, fully-sponsored, cosmetically-altered, PR-aided person whose smartest lines were read from a script, and whose best moments took more than one take.” The deception is that you need to be like them to find satisfaction. I’m telling you now, you won’t. They are emptier than you. Follow them and you will be empty.

What Do You Value? One question I ask people who come to me for advice is, “What are your values?” or “What’s important to you?” I noticed that more often than not, people are actually surprised with the question. A few people will have clear values. Some will be able to think on the spot and blurt out their answers. Most don’t know what’s important to them. The problem with this is, when you don’t know what’s important, every choice becomes a tiring negotiation. Should I work? Should I be kind? Should I flirt? Should I be strong? Should I pray? Should I serve? Should I self-pity? Should I be generous? Should I obey? So many questions to negotiate through, you need to know what’s important. More often than not, with all the pressures of life, you’ll lose the negotiations. My suggestion is to really know your values, think about them, think through them, write them down, and live them.

This Is Who You Are
I’m hoping your father has told you this, but if he hasn’t, let me tell you who you are. When I thought this list up, I imagined myself with a daughter, a daughter that is entering a huge world full of messages, and voices, and opinions, and perspectives, full of advertisements, and movies, and shows, and music, and lyrics, and smart asses, and bad asses, angels, and demons, full of hurt, full of fear, full of lies, full of denial, full of opportunity, yet full of lost dreams, full of haunting regrets, full of so many beautiful things, and full of so many broken hearts breaking the hearts of others. I won’t be able to protect her at some point. I won’t be able to guide her all the time. She’s always welcome to run back, and I’ll always be there to remind her of who she is.

But if I had a girl, I would relentlessly speak these words so that she will always remember and never forget that:

You are beautiful
You are special. 
You are wise
You are strong. 
You are irreplaceable. 
You are priceless. 
You are free. 
You are loved.

Please click on the links for more depth on these statements.

David Bonifacio

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge. #DB

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Des - July 16, 2012 Reply

Hi David!
I was reading through your blog and I would like to let you know that I am really blessed by your words. Especially on the This is Who You Are series. It speaks life and it speaks truth. Would you mind if I share it? It would be nice if my other girlfriends could read it too.. Thanks.

David Bonifacio - July 17, 2012 Reply

Thank you for reading! I’m glad you’re encouraged by my posts. Feel free to share.

Joy - July 19, 2012 Reply

Good job! I am pleased by how your mind works. Yo mama raised you right! A pat on the back for her! Funny, as I was reading and contemplating these past few days I came across the “Today show”, but the days before that I saw one of the Kennedys on the news and as I was washing the dishes I just had the urged to share my thoughts out loud to my husband. Yes! I know they had their share of good deeds but to see how America embraced them is pretty disturbing. And only because they are RICH and has POWER! That’s it! But my surprise that now, because of the back to back incidents people are starting to see that they are not all that! Not for me,on a personal note! I would rather be drawn to people with strong values and substance! I know I am not perfect but I thank God for the gift of discernment. Thank you for sharing your insight! God bless you as you continue to bless others!

David Bonifacio - July 19, 2012 Reply

Thank you for complimenting what I wrote. I can’t say I’m knowledgeable enough on American politics to comment on the Kennedy’s though. But I do agree with you when you say money and power should not be the basis of a person’s value. Please read the rest of the series if you have time.

roma ferrer - February 15, 2013 Reply

Hi David! Thank you for the words of wisdom, they remind me of our Father’s love for us: wonderful, unconditional, infinite. I know that whatever happens or whereever life leads me, I am not alone for HE is with me and that I “faith” in HIM 🙂 Godbless!

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