The Acorn, the Drop, and the Waterboy

This is the summary of my super short talk for Habitat for Humanity on the topic of nation building. It was my goal to convey very succinctly one message: it’s not about a few special people doing special things, but about us realizing we are that special person with special things waiting for us to do…

…IF we will invest our time, energy, and money wisely.

It’s about all of us taking on the responsibility of the role we have in each other’s lives.

Be an Acorn that grows into a strong and large tree that blesses others. Die to yourself and be planted. 

 Be a Drop, that though no one recognises you or insignificant you seem, your life’s worth ripples through eternity. 

Better to be a Water Boy in a winning team than the star player of a losing team, because when the clock runs out, and the buzzer sounds, ALL the winners run to the middle and rejoice. From the stars to the supporters, all the winners rejoice. And the stars of the losing team? They leave in sadness.

I’m not a fan of celebrityism or superstars. Stop focusing on the superstars. Be amazing at whatever you do. We are part of team Philippines, let’s win.

David Bonifacio

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge. #DB

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