Run For Cover They May

The sun seems not to rise
On this darkened dawn
Blocked by a wave of demons
An army of fear’s spawn
Run for cover others may
To the battle lines I stride
I will not join the cowards
I will not fear the tide

I move down the path I chose
Claiming the broken to my side
Yet in fear they take flight
Shouting, “I don’t want to die!”
Run for cover they may
Let them live another day
With the memory of the boy
They left to to run away

They sneer “The battle is lost!
Where has your faith led you now?
You should have chosen safety.
Forget your hero’s vow.”
Run for cover they may
Let them hide in fright
They can watch from paper towers
A man’s dying fight

From the slope where I lie
I can hear laughter and cheers
“We are saved! We are saved!”
From the same lips as jeers
Run for cover they did
Left on that darkest of nights
Yet now rescued and free
Pursuing beloved rights

As my blood waters the roses
For their children’s wedding day
Death kneels by my side
He whispers it’s time to go away
Run for cover they did
Too much at stake so they hid
Now I laugh and sing from afar
As I close my final hour

David Bonifacio

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge. #DB

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