Quick Thoughts on EDSA

Quick Thoughts on EDSA

Getting asked whether I think life was better during Marcos’s time than it is today. I personally think this is a useless question. I’ve said this before, but I don’t know why we’re putting more thought into the legacies of dead and dying men when our own lives need more attention. The message of EDSA isn’t one about a better lifestyle, but about basic humanity: Man has dignity and no dignified man should be ok with living with injustice. The two lessons I draw from EDSA are: 1. When we a large enough group of people unite, seemingly impossible institutions of injustice are toppled. 2. It’s not enough to tear things down. We need to get great at building. It’s easy to destroy things. It’s hard to develop things. It’s easy to criticize, to comment. It’s hard to cultivate. Finally, the hope I draw from EDSA is this: Someday a large enough group will unite to fight injustice daily, particularly the small injustices we are all guilty of, and to focus more on building the future than debating what was and complaining about what is. ‪

Nationalism has less to do who with who we cheer for, more to do with what we stand for, and a lot to do with what we lays our lives for. 

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