Poem: Breakaway

As someone who reads quite a bit, I actually don’t follow a lot of news. Every now and then I’ll run across a news item while studying something I’m interested in or will checkout a specific announcement. But I definitely don’t follow the news every day and I’ve been subscribing to things more discriminately (such as more long form).

The media likes to think it reports facts and describes the world as it is. That’s not true. The “world”, at least the quality of the world you operate in, is more determined by you then by any prediction, any forecast, any announcement, or any event.

Of course macro events have an impact on all of us, but it is our micro practices that cumulatively have the most impact on our happiness, health, wealth, and impact. So I remind myself to focus on those and surround myself with dynamic people who are determined to create and produce, to not live their life in a bunker and under the shadow of fear. I remove the distracting noise – especially those who have built their platforms and identities on fake virtue signaling, gossiping and policing others, and fear spreading.

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