Hero’s Goodbye

So you tell me,
“You think, you’re the hero
Couldn’t you have saved us?
Saved us from ourselves
Take your cape off, big joke
I’m finding someone else,
Without his head caught in the clouds
And with two feet on the ground”
I couldn’t get a word in
It seems, you’d thought this through
And you’re so good with words
I don’t stand a fighting chance
But you’re the one crying
I’m stunned, just wondering
When my baby leaves for good
Who’ll heat dinner in advance?
You said something,
About my absence
When you needed me most
Hero to the world, and to you a ghost
That hit me like a truck,
A big truck with giant wheels
With a building on top,
And a bomb rigged for impact
I wish I had a comeback
But you’re so perfect, you are
I’m left smirking, and knowing
It’s time for our goodbyes
So I say,
I wish you’d stay
But since you have to go
Look for someplace nice.

What’s It Worth? – MacBook Air

Let’s experiment.

In between my thoughts and opinions, I would like to hear your (my readers) thoughts on how much something is worth to YOU, and why it’s worth that much to YOU. There’s no wrong answer. Just say how much you would pay, do, fight, scream, beg, steal, pray, hope, save, or whatever to have the item I post. (Or you could also do the opposite and put how much you don’t want it.)

ITEM #1 is the MacBook Air

I’ve heard mixed reviews on this one. The cool factor is tempting enough to make me buy it. But what do you think?

The Best Things

If it’s free to you, it just means someone else paid for it.

I was having a conversation with a friend earlier, and in the course of our talk, she mentioned, “I believe that the best things in life are free.” Of course I totally disagreed with this statement. So I asked her, “Give me an example of one thing that’s free?” She gave a few examples, and I kept coming back with, “Is it?” Finally she came up with an answer that didn’t disappoint me, “Being naked is free!” While I don’t agree with half of her ideas, to her credit, she does have an interesting mind. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

The best things, and the worst things, cost something. Because everything comes from either someone or something. That’s why we have laws such as the law of Conservation of Mass / Matter, which states that (in a closed system) matter can neither be created nor destroyed but merely rearranged, and Conservation of Energy, which is a similar that relates to energy only being transfered, not created or destroyed. The Conservation Laws are fundamental to our existence, and it’s best we are reminded of this so that we understand it’s implication. And where’s the cost? There’s the cost of turnning something into another thing , and there’s the opportunity cost lost for turning something into another thing and not another. (That’s a little confusing.) To put it simply, everything in the world can either be rearranged / transfered for beneficial purposes or harmful purposes We need to ask ourselves, “Are we rearrangers / transferers of the right kind?”