End Of The Line

The end always creeps in quietly. It tiptoes closely until you realize things are over. I’ve learned to spot the beginning of the end, but I’ve never decided to stop it.

And so another one ends with another promise of friendship.

Invisible Walls

A kid just walked into the glass wall leading to the terrace. Poor boy. That’s always a painful. You see some place you like, want to move closer, but walk into a wall instead – a wall of hurt.

At the Corner Starbucks

Tonight I spend another late evening at the same Starbucks branch, a literal corner coffee shop. (As it is situated in a corner.) I don’t particularly like Starbucks. I don’t particularly like coffee. So I take a mug of green tea. I love the taste of green tea, plus it has the added benefit of helping me take a crap.

I’m currently reading from too many books at the same time, and they’re all piled on my table so I probably look like a nerd – which I am.