My Strong Anchor. My Sure Foundation

As with many of my other posts, I seem to have polarized reactions. Some super agree and others super don’t agree.

And this is fine. People can have their own opinion, and more importantly, people should have their own conviction. Convictions are the things we are convinced about. They are the things we hold to be true.

So many opinions floating around, few convictions. An opinion is an idea in the head. A conviction is an idea lived out.

Convictions are the things you are wholeheartedly convinced are true. What you hold to be true dictates the course of your life.

We spend too much time on preferences and opinions, too little time on laying our convictions, leading to weak foundations.

We can easily identify our favorite car, gadget, brand, show, book, but have a difficult time identifying our convictions.

No wonder we are lost, confused, anxious with storms and shakings. We haven’t identified our anchor. We don’t have a foundation.

I encourage you today, to begin identifying and setting your convictions through prayer, study, and commit to them. 

Does a builder unearth his foundations during the shaking? Does a captain replace his anchor in a storm?

A builder lays strong foundations. A captain sinks a solid anchor. And they trust through shakings and storms. They trust.

If you do not trust, it is either because you have not committed to an anchor or your anchor has proven weak. If you have not committed to an anchor, you have no anchor. If your anchor has proven weak it will not secure you.

Prayer for Today:
Father, You are my strong anchor, my sure foundation, I trust in You. You will keep me safe. You will help me stand. 


David Bonifacio

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge. #DB

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Anonymous - March 7, 2013 Reply

It’s amazing to find a blog that has substance. May you continue to write posts like this. You inspire me. Thank you Mr. David. (:

In this world full of different people, different beliefs, different everything, there is someone worth commiting to. There is someone who gives us an eternal anchor which will never let our boats float away. He gives us a beautiful yet hard lifestyle that’s worth living. This someone is no other than JESUS (:

Dianne Ubaldo

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