Mourning Another Death

As if my heart were not fragile As if my soul could withstand As if my mind were a fortess As if my buttresses had no cracks As if I could forever disdain The effects of continuing pain As if I could dig deeper, ever so deeper Without bleeding myself dry As if I could lose more to the needy Without losing completely The little I have now The little that’s left of me Now I must carry this too The thought of a widow Looking out her window No longer hoping for hope Just a statue passing the time And the faces of two kids Unawakened to the morning When their mourning gives way To the daily struggles and pain Yet without preparation Without a steady guide Just one bucket after another Of cold reality… … But if You will let me rest By the banks of still waters And lead me to the safety Of Your green pastures I will find the strength I need, And accept Your blood to bleed To stain the thorny roses red And water daffodils with tears