While reading the Bible today on Bible Gateway, they have useful reading plans. I kept hearing the word “mercy” ringing in my head. “Mercy, mercy, mercy”. Mercy is an important concept. Without it we would all get what we deserve, and if you’re like me, full of thoughts and actions that deserve punishment, then we wouldn’t last very long. But with mercy we’re all still here, and more, with mercy we can still participate and experience the fullness of life.

So I looked the word up on my favorite etymology dictionary and saw this: “God’s forgiveness of His creatures’offenses.”

I think it’s incredible to have a word so important to our existence so closely knit to God’s character. Forgiveness is another powerful term. To forgive is to “give up the desire or power to punish”. Why an all-knowing God will give up His desire to punish and why an all-powerful God will lay down his ability to do the same is beyond me.

I’m just very very grateful.

David Bonifacio

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge. #DB

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