March Books

March Books

Here’s my March reading list:

1. Turn the Ship Around by David L. Marquet
– Great leadership book on empowering everyone on the team and making sure objectives are clear and team is competent. Highly recommend, especially if you want a team of highly productive independent thinkers.

2. Prayer by Tim Keller
– It’s a straightforward book prayer. I learned a few things but wouldn’t call it his best book.

3. Making It All Work by Dave Allen
– Dave Allen is awesome! He’s probably my favorite productivity writer. I suggest reading his earlier book Getting Things Done though. It was a simpler read and I like simple things.

4. Essentialism by Greg Mckeown
– The points were interesting but I’m pretty much living them already after undergoing a financially stressful period and realizing that I could not only live with less but MUCH less. I suggest reading this and seeing why more of the essential is what’s truly important in life.

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  1. ecbuheyn says:

    hello David, where do you usually purchase books? i’m having a hard time finding good old books.

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