I Love You. Period.

“Did you know that Jake the Snake is Christian?”

“He is?”

“Yes. Also the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.”


This was an example of a recurring conversation theme among my brothers and I while growing up: “Guess who’s a Christian”. Maybe it’s because, like all kids, we were looking for people to look up to, maybe it was partly our insecurity because we knew that many many people thought we were nuts for not being Catholic, but whenever someone told me that some prominent or famous person was a Christian, I would feel something inside of me light up.

I remember always asking whether a certain athlete or leader or singer or actor was a Christian. Looking back, it was as if my faith was proven real when a person who had achieved success, power, or recognition turned out to be believing the same thing I did.

And who could blame me for thinking this way?

My whole life I read the Bible looking at the lessons these great men and women

David Bonifacio

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge. #DB

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