I Know You’re Here

You woke me with Your whispers
Heard through the singing of the birds
You started with “I love you”
Seen in sunlight streaming in
Down on my knees beside my bed
You lifted up my head
In this empty, lonely room
I know You’re here

You take a run with me
Through the already busy streets
I see man and man’s creations
Trying to make their ends meet
Yet the vast skies and clouds above
Remind me not to fear
In this solitary path
I know You’re here

You spend the day with me
My thoughts I fill with You
And though I’m wounded in the fray
In the battles of the day
By the deeds and words of people
With nothing good to do or say
I’ll hope, I’ll love, I’ll stay in Your grace
I know You’re here

You send me a written note
A perfect message within Your Word
“I will never leave you”, You simply say
“Now rest and dream away”
And though my strength’s drained away
Though my chest remains in pain
In my heart, I’ll hope in faith
I know You’re here.

David Bonifacio

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge. #DB

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