I Found My Blue Sky – Before the Feast

Sam couldn’t believe her eyes. Spread out in front of her was the largest, most elegant, most impressive banquet she had ever seen.

“Do you like what you see?” The fox asked her.

“This is amazing.” Sam said without taking her eyes off the awe-inspiring banquet.

“An amazing feast for my amazing friend” the fox told her. “I’m glad you like it.”

Sam was so touched by the fox’s words. “Sir, I’m glad you found me on that road”, she had already forgotten who she was traveling with. “You’re an answered prayer. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

As had become their practice very quickly, Sam bent beside the fox and affectionately burried her face in his beautiful fur. He purred as she did this.

“Come my love. Let us join the feast! But first I have a surprise for you.”

The fox growled loudly and out if nowhere came five of the most beautiful lady foxes Sam had ever seen, approaching her with baskets hanging by handles between their teeth.

Following then was a larger figure that surprised Sam when she saw her. “Mother!” Sam said shocked. “You’re here?”

“Yes I am, my sweet child. Don’t you want me here?”

“I do. I do so much. I missed you. David and I were on this road…”

She stopped herself. The sound of his name made her uneasy.


“Who is David?” Sam’s mother asked.

“Mother?” Sam looked at her mother confused. “David. You know him.”

“I know of no David” her mother answered.

“He is no one” the fox impatiently interrupted, looking angrily at Sam.

“Get her ready!” he snapped.

The way he said those words, the look on his face, scared Sam. The perceptive fox saw the fear in her eyes.

Gently this time he said, “Get her ready for the feast. The world will love her beauty. Let’s not keep them waiting.”

That was enough to silence the alarms ringing in Sam’s heart.

Without asking, the fox tugged on her worn dress and ripped it off her.

Sam was caught surprised at her sudden nakedness.

She looked at her mom who looked back and reassured her by nodding that it was ok. “Relax Sam. Enjoy yourself.”

She tried to do as her mom said but her body stiffened.

The lady foxes danced around her praising her beauty. Their melody intoxicating her.

With her mother’s help and under the close watch of the fox, they bathed and powdered her.

Sam felt dizzy and everything became a blurr.

Then it stopped.

Slowly her mother and the foxes stepped back from her.

“My love, you are beautiful.” she heard the fox tell her.

“My love.” She thought to herself. “That’s the second time he said that to me.”

“I love you too sir fox.” she told him.

And everyone cheered.

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