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Hong Kong.

I’m back to see to Issho Genki concerns here.

One of the things I enjoy most about traveling, particularly to first-world countries, is that I am reminded that a higher level is not just possible but already being realized in other parts of the world. And when we think about the history of some of the most advanced nations in the world and the lack of natural resources, we’re reminded that discipline and diligence go further than natural advantages.

It’s good to expose  yourself to better. It’s good to see the possibilities and know that they are our possibilities as well. It’s good to realize that we can achieve more and build something more beautiful.

I make it a point to regularly expose myself to better. When I have the opportunity to travel, I take notes and read up on the place. During the times when I could not afford to travel as much, I read books and magazines. When I couldn’t afford even those, I would read the books while still at the store and search online. There’s very little hindrance now to know what’s going on the in the world.

Go expose yourself to something better – and know that it’s not just out there, it’s actually waiting for you.

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