Every Great and Simple Moment Is From You

Just as in 1 Chronicles 17, when You made a promise to David, You have made promises to us. I know that You will be faithful to complete all Your promises. I will not let my pride and fear get in the way. I will not let past hurts, disappointments, and sins take away from Your love for me. Keep me immersed in Your love, that I may grow in love , and that my life may overflow with love. Thank You for Your goodness to me. I take the time to remember Your many blessings. Every new day is from You, complete with new mercies. Every great and simple moment, You lovingly allow into our lives to lead is to You. The strings of my heart You pull, and You call me each day to You, to be Yours and Yours alone, that I may enjoy the fullness of Your love.

David Bonifacio

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge. #DB

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