Draw Me Close

This song has helped remind me of Who is truly valuable. I am such a small and weak person, and when my circumstances overwhelm me, when the events of each day feel like wave after wave of pounding, I need to step back and be reminded of the message of this song: God is near.

My default prayer during difficulties used to be, “God, please take this away from me.” More and more, as I am reminded of the many wonderful things God has done for me, as I credit Him with the glory He deserves and worship Him, when I am truly grateful, I realize that all of these blessings, all of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, nth chances, all of the miracles and beautiful experiences, came into my life because of Him. My prayers have become more like the words of this song, “Help me know You are near.”

These blessings did not come because I matured. Those closest to me know I can be very immature.

I did not level up to a place of wisdom, where my right decisions has led to a secure and abundant life. I have way more wrong decisions than right.

These did not come from the good I did to others, whatever little good that is, the sins of my heart, mind, and hands, are greater.

The beautiful things in my life are here because of God’s love. When a good, kind, patient, and generous God loves you there’s no need to fear. When I forget about that I get shaken. So I’m grateful for this song and for the beautifully rendered reminder: God is near.


David Bonifacio

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge. #DB

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