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An XBox Maybe

I just got home from a long workday. My beautiful girlfriend, Yasmin, is asleep, as she is no longer replying to my messages. In a few days she’ll be flying to visit her family in the UK. I sometimes have a hard time processing personal feelings that aren’t logical so I wrote this poem instead:

I miss you already
With just the thought
Of you home packing
Your ticket bought
I’m thinking of sailing
Like my bachelor past
But these distractions
I know won’t last
And how could they
When compared to you
Is there a greater thrill
Than your love so true
I don’t care that we
Do the same old thing
With you, all is special
Moments beating
I don’t know what to do
My co-hiker in Battersea
I have these random ideas
Like buy an XBox maybe


Those construction materials
They’re all over the site
But I can see the fortress
By my heart’s crystal sight
Unmixed cement, unpolished stone
Lay with marble, steel, and gold
On their own just metal and rock
Now coming together in one mold
You knew that would be foundation
When You tore into my rock heart
You knew that was the corner
When You rolled that stone start
And how You excavated my soul
This never-ending drilling deeper
Black rock by black rock, You remove
And make my inner cavern steeper
Many times I complained and said
How unfair of You proud Lord
You’ve made my portion this pain
While You blessed them with hope
But I’ve learned to journey
I’ve learned to travel this tunnel
And what I’ve seen by You’re light
Are beautiful etchings by pummel
I did not know they were there
Until my tears washed the soot
My eyes could not have noticed
What You’re blood did impute
Dig as You would, please
It’s You’re home to construct
I’ve learned to trust in You
To be devoted to Your instruct #db

Prayer While Fasting

Slow down the day, dear Father
Slow down the falling of the leaves
Let’s pause this moment
Freeze the rustling of the sheaves
And calm the storm within me
Rest my mind’s factory
Clear the inner skies blue
Lift the fog for the view to see
Eternity, blessed treasures
Beyond time, space, dimension
Prepared for me to enjoy
Such a beauty beyond mention
Why am I always in a hurry?
Why am I so anxious to curry?
A favor, a piece of respect
Some temporary thing of no hurry
Is that how small I am?
Is that how shallow my existence?
Take me to a deeper place
Where my heart won’t meet resistance
There I can be truthfully safe
There I can fully immerse
With you I am not afraid of the Book
With you I learn to love each verse
And all the dreams and worries
They don’t matter much anymore
I have everything I need in You
Yet You say You have more in store

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