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Passing Masquerade

He rarely saw the city swept like this
Prepared for black limousines of import
Holding people here but for a moment
While daily residents enjoy none spent
They must be important, he thought
That my world must stop for them
Even as I wait for the promises to me
To come to pass, to happen, to be
Is it our victory if so few of us win?
Why must I pay for what I don’t get?
Can I call it mine when I have no part?
How can I hope with a broken heart?
As he watched their tail lights fade away
He found himself still dirty, still hungry
Left by the passing of a beautiful parade
Realizing it was yet another masquerade

I Am Found by You

I’m learning to forgive myself
I’m learning to forgive others
I’m learning to be patient
With myself and my brothers
As neither of our journeys
Can be called without stain
And too many of our moments
Must be recalled with a pain
In the deep parts of our souls
Where thorns in the flesh stab
A pleasant tickle at first prick
Then a deep wound and ugly scab
They are painful to sleep with
These multidimensional tears
And my self has been bent much
In bone-breaking wrong cares
So I spend many night awake
Many, many early mornings too
Reflecting on my inner darkness
Praying to be more like You
But where do the broken start
When the broken are also blind?
Is there hope of reclamation
When much has been undermined?
Yet, again, against all wisdom
Of logical and illogical reason
I take hold of Your grand love
That is constant in every season
I am truly wrapped in beauty
Wrapped in beautiful grace
I find my lost self found
When I stop to seek Your face

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