Melt Away My Concerns

Melt Away My Concerns

I don’t know a lot, much less understand enough
My only discoveries are Matrushkas of questions
And like cells, they multiply, faster than I can hold
So I must rely on Your voice for wise revelations
Of which of the infinite paths to walk securely down,
Of which open doors to shut, which to boldly enter
And to define the comings and goings of my day
That I may never stray from Your love’s center
For as my namesake once prayed in a poem,
“Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me!”
I experience this loving care in Your disciplines
Creating in me the capacity to live miraculously
Blessed is man that Your love for him is so great
That second and seventh chances are not beyond You
And with all my faults, with all my fears and doubts
They all melt away as I stand here in worship of You

Never Let Me Settle

Never let me settle
For less than all
Of You

Never let me be satisfied
With lovers
That aren’t true

And let me be quick
To turn, to run
To Your love

That I may overflow
With the beauty
That comes from above

Passing Masquerade

He rarely saw the city swept like this
Prepared for black limousines of import
Holding people here but for a moment
While daily residents enjoy none spent
They must be important, he thought
That my world must stop for them
Even as I wait for the promises to me
To come to pass, to happen, to be
Is it our victory if so few of us win?
Why must I pay for what I don’t get?
Can I call it mine when I have no part?
How can I hope with a broken heart?
As he watched their tail lights fade away
He found himself still dirty, still hungry
Left by the passing of a beautiful parade
Realizing it was yet another masquerade

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