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May I Spend Time with You

May I spend time with You my King?
To make sure our hearts are beating
For the same purpose, which is to be
Together, more intertwined so closely
Different people want different things
I want a to write a melody that sings
A song that pleases Your discerning ear
That brings a smile whenever You hear
Your son speak faith amidst life’s dares
When You hear me casting my cares
To You, faithful author and perfecter
As I boldly live as a forgiven repenter
Given not the burden of my many failures
Instead an overflowing cup in green pastures

Fill Me with Your Symphony

Another morning, brand new
I think about all the things You do
I thank You for all I’ve seen before
It shows faithfulness and more
Why do I always look for the new?
When I consistently have You
Same yesterday, today, forever
With a love I know fades never
How easily discontented am I
When I have the clouds and the sky
To remind me of a canopy of grace
That You are here in this holy place
Why do I always look for what’s next?
When I have Your Gospel in the text
Good news that needs no addition
Just humility as seen in pure admission
Of my complete dependence on You
Why not? It’s the wisest thing to do
To stand on Your unshakeable word
To rest with Your promises I heard
To journey in Your miraculous company
To fill my heart with Your symphony

Your Loving Burning

My charred and hardened heart
Now a ready wick
To be lit alive by the fire
The fire of Your love
Melt away my temporary skin
The sources of my pride
Unburden from me that I
May be free to fly above
The concerns that once
Affected, controlled me
That stiffened me into
this soul needing saving
Save me with beautiful You
Touch me with Your flame
Use me to enlighten others
As I accept Your loving burning

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